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  • Bilingual (Spanglish) Author

  • Guest Speaker/Educational Consultant

  • Founder of an Anti-Bullying Program

I am Juanita Quinones Gandara and I write books for children in Spanglish on purpose to help expedite English learning acquisition while embracing the Spanish language.  I was born in Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico but raised in El Paso, Texas!  I am a proud single mother of two young men and a retired educator (10 yrs -bilingual teacher and 20 yrs - school counselor).

Today, I am living my 2nd dream!  I am determined to help empower, educate and encourage all stakeholders involved in helping create a better world.  How?  By sharing my message on “Promoting a Chain Reaction of Kindness = Bullies No More!” everywhere I visit, with all stakeholders Involved!  All educators, students, parents and community members will be trained on a “It takes a village to raise a child!” mentality.

Through author visits using puppets and music, parent workshops, and educator staff-trainings, I hope to inspire future authors, promote family literacy and help turn a very negative situation on bullying into a more positive one!   

My anti-bullying program is named Zoila’s Words of Wisdom and it is a proactive, short, simple and to the point way on helping put an end to bullying behavior starting a home, continuing into schools and ultimately into our communities so that “ALL OF US” can hold each other accountable in a proactive manner!

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Mark Bowles is a Professor of History at American Military University. He earned his Ph.D. in history from Case Western Reserve University and was the Tomash Fellow at the University of Minnesota. He also has an MBA, an MA in history, and as BA in Psychology.

Mark is the author of 15 books, including 3 college text books. His latest was Just keep rowing, a story about Katie Spotz, the youngest person to row a boat, solo and unassisted, across the Atlantic Ocean. He also publishes children’s books including  Gina Crawford’s latest, Then the Moon Fills the Sky. He and his wife, Nancy, are raising their three children, Isabel (b. 2000) and Emma and Sarah (b. 2008) in northeast Ohio. Visit him online at

Authors: About Me
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